Sunday, August 4, 2013

A Traveller’s Extreme Wakeboarding (Camarines Sur Watersports Complex)

                "Oh Camarines Sur, Camarines Sur… If I have to simply and plainly describe you in just one word, it would be “EXTREME”."

                Your Pambansang Manlalakbay Armie “Happy Loner Traveller” Yuson’s next destination in his “SOUTHERN LUZON CHALLENGE” is in the Land of Camarines Sur. I finally had the chance to learn and try Kneeboarding and Wakeboarding! Where else but in the Extreme Capital of the Philippines, BICOL! From Legazpi City, I rode the Van in the Terminal going to Pili Camarines Sur for only 140 Philippine Pesos. It’s a one and a half hour ride and I dropped off at its Capitol & rode the trike to the Famous CWC (Camarines Sur Watersports Complex) for only 20 Philippine Pesos. From there, I availed two hours of their Extreme offer, one hour Kneeboarding and another hour for Wakeboarding. It only costs 330 Philippine Pesos plus they gave me a free pass to their swimming pool which is supposed to be an additional of 150 Philippine Pesos.

                I was excited on my first try in Kneeboarding, a cable pulling you so fast while you’re controlling the board is Exhilirating, I had 12 rounds in the complex overall! So my next hour was Wakeboarding – After orienting me with the techniques, I get to have my first set of attempts and I got so stranded in the water for several times, that’s where I realized that Wakeboarding is harder than Kneeboarding. It’s hard to control and balance on the board especially with the strong tension speed of the cable pulling you. I had 2 more repeats until I was finally able to stand, maybe my background of being a Surfer had contributed to it. After the Board with support in it, I tried to do the advance Wakeboarding, the one without a support and they call it the “Weighskate”. They said that it’s even harder but I got it right away on my first try because it’s easier for me, the Board was easy to control because it’s lighter and smaller.

                I had so much fun being an Extremist in Camarines Sur for a day and the staff there were very helpful & kind. After that, I just had a shower and went back to Legazpi City via bus for only 100 Philippine Pesos.

                In the Philippines, it is only in CWC Pili Camarines Sur where they offer Kneeboarding and Extreme Wakeboarding Adventure. The feeling of floating in the water at a high speed is an experience you must not forget to try! And all in all, I just spent 590 Philippine Pesos, Awesome! Caution! Wakeboarding could be so addictive, better have a bigger budget! YEBAH!!! :-)

- Happy Loner Traveller

*** This Article is dedicated to the "GREAT" ARMANDO Q. LEYVA. Tatay, I always miss you and I love you so much...

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