Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A Traveller’s Maiden Outskirts (The Mythical Falls of Ambon-Ambon & Limutan Of Binukawan)


                I, your Pambansang Manlalakbay Armie “Happy Loner Traveller” Yuson is thirsty for yet another unforgettable adventure, after my Tangadan Falls discovery in San Gabriel La Union, I became so addicted in discovering more places that have never been or was less featured on National Television, as well as on the Internet World.

                And so I have heard this Tale about Two Mythical Falls found in the virgin forest of Binukawan Bagac Bataan, fifty meters apart with thirty and sixty meters high. Yes! Two Falls found in one place for they are like sisters that is connected by one channel of continuous overflowing clear and pristine river that came all the way from the purest springs of the highest unchartered mountains of Bagac Bataan. You can even drink the water that is literally coming out from the rocks of the falls.

                But as you know, getting there is not easy. With what I have experienced, I can say that this is by far my most challenging adventure because my number one enemy here is the scorching heat of the sun. So like what Happy Loner Traveller is always saying, make sure that you are always prepared with all the basic things when you are planning for an adventure like this. Always rehydrate yourself, bring hats & long sleeves to protect yourself from the Sun and for the Ladies, you can bring your sunblock too. Also, wear rubber shoes, for the expected rugged terrain and long shorts or light pants for the sharp bushes.

                Right away, as I arrived in Binukawan, I started to hike the mountainous nine kilometer path towards the Two Falls. It was so muddy because heavy rainfall poured down the night before my big hike. For three gruesome and tiring hours I have hiked this mud-covered highland, I even had several rest-stops and my most favorite of them was when I have been welcomed by the owner (Mrs. Dely Velaňo) of this “Bahay-Kubo” located in a 4,000 hectare farm on top of the mountain. She is so kind that she allowed me to sit on the bench, under the mango tree and even offered several foods & fruits like coffee, coconut, corn, Indian mango and cashew to me. As I was resting there, I cannot help but appreciate the Life that they have… I can’t help to compare their Simple Life from our Urban Life, I envy them so much. While I was sweating profusely, it was easily compensated with the farm’s fresh breeze of the wind and the view of the Ocean from the West Philippine Sea. It was a perfect moment that you wish would never end…

                Ten minutes before reaching the First Falls which is Limutan, it suddenly rained, good thing I was prepared with waterproof plastics so that my valuable items won’t get wet… And now, the terrain has already changed, I have entered this Protected Sanctuary by the Locals of Binukawan, wherein its Virgin Forest embodies the huge rocks, colossal trees and music-producing streams… So while passing through this Paradise, I finally saw the Mythical Falls of Limutan and for a glimpse there, I literally lost my breath. The Legend is after all, a factual one… I swam, climbed and jumped on the thirty meter high Falls. I even drank water from the spring that came out in between the rocks. I sat for a while and just watched the water falling, I just couldn’t leave this place. I was so mesmerized by its alluring magnificence, probably my number one Falls in Luzon in terms of elegance, beauty and the way it gives you a peaceful feeling inside… This is an excellent place for those people who wants to do Soul Searching… Nearby is the sixty meter high Ambon-Ambon Falls and I’m on top of it, there is no other access to go down the Falls, the only option is to rappel yourself directly through the Falls, as it is jungle that you will encounter below it…

                Bataeňos are on top of my list when it comes to the kindest and most hospitable people in the Philippines. The way they take care of you and make sure you are comfortable at their home is astounding, they would make you feel that you are a part of their family. Thank you so much to my Friend, Former Classmate & Co-Pharmacist Ms. Karen Calatrava for guiding me the directions in how to get to Binukawan and to Mr. Fernando “Andy” Panganiban for treating me as a part of his Family in my short stay in their Barangay, he welcomed me in his home and has guided me in the Maiden Outskirts of Binukawan Bagac Bataan.

                 Bataan is the place to explore, as it is not much advertised by the media, you still can find its rich treasures such as its Virgin Beaches, Mountains and Forests. "Bataan Peninsula for me, is the Last Real Treasure of Philippine Nature…"

- Happy Loner Traveller 

 *** This Article is dedicated to the "GREAT" ARMANDO Q. LEYVA. Tatay, I always miss you and I love you so much...


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