Sunday, June 10, 2012

Happy Loner Traveller Judges Miss Teen Alcala 2011

              Armie “Happy Loner Traveller” Yuson has been invited to be the Chairman of the Board of Judges in the Miss Teen Alcala 2011. Together with my Co-Chairman, Cynthia Mendoza, my Bestfriend in Medicine School, it’s our first time to judge a pageant and the experience was great. Thank you to the Event Organizer, Michelle Cataina for inviting us and for the VIP treatment and care we had, your hospitality is so much appreciated. Well, the Pageant was too long, it started at 9 in the evening and ended at 3 in the morning, but it was fun, it’s like a festival, the mood of the crowd was ecstatic! And me with my 4 Co-Judges made a rightful decision to make this 14 year old Katherine Sambajon’s dream to be the New Miss Teen Alcala a wish come true, mainly because she created several well-deserved performances for that evening. I was touched with her reaction when she won, she even went down the stage and gave all the judges a big hug, I really felt her happiness and I felt rewarded that I made a little girl’s wish come true on Christmas day. It was also a wonderful gift for me because the people of Alcala allowed me to be a part of their lives even for just a day, a special one like Christmas…

- Happy Loner Traveller

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