Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Loner Traveller’s SuperMOM!

            A Woman’s life for me, is one of the greatest gift of God in this world. Being able to reproduce a similar heartbeat as theirs and freeing a new life from their womb into the world is still one of the most divine miracles in this vast universe.

            But the responsibility of a Woman doesn’t stop from there, it is only just the beginning… The transformation into being a Mother is a 9 month journey of nothing but pain but is still sensational because that pain creates an unexplainable and special connection between the newly molded Mother and her Infant, a relationship that lasts a lifetime and cannot be broken or destroyed by any force, stronger than any chemical bonds developed by Nature. A role of a Mother gets tougher and tougher by time, slowly taking their own lives, having no more time for themselves because their family becomes their world, time & life. A duty of a Mother is the only career in this world where there is no leave or retirement, it is a forever adventure…

            When I was born, my Mom was 23, together with my grandmother, they raised me up. My Mom is not a “Perfect Mom” but not being perfect doesn’t mean that she isn’t great, in fact, if you have a son like me? Then definitely, you are one of a kind Mom! Because handling a hard-headed boy like me who spends most of his elementary life in the principal’s office and is even naughtier than the Fictional Character “Dennis The Menace”, you would absolutely think twice if you want to be a Mom. But what I love about her so much is she did… She still accepted me and wanted to be my Mom despite of all the failures, disappointments & pains that I gave her for most of my life. In the end, at what I’ve thought that she changed and has left me & my siblings was her only timeout for herself and she deserves it, especially with all the things she went through. I may not at times understand my Mom but I get her. She is my adviser, my comrade, my confidant and my number 1 supporter. She is a biological Mother of 3 and is the adopted Mom of many. I have never been prouder to have a generous, tender-hearted and cool Mom like Febe “Cherry” Leyva Yuson. I just wish that all people could experience on how to be brought up by a Mom like her. Thanked God I have my own SuperMOM!!!

- The Thoughtful Son

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