Monday, July 2, 2012

ARANAR (Yuson Siblings)

                 I am very lucky and blessed to have wonderful and amazing siblings. We each have our own super specialties, with me as a Travel Mastermind, my brother as a Technology Genius and last but not the least, my sister as a Book Whiz. But we all have one common denominator which unites the three of us and that is our love for Music… Eversince we were young, we were already introduced to music because our parents were also geniuses hiding in the closet when it comes to music. Me, Armie Yuson is a Vocalist & Pianist, my brother Lyko Yuson is a Vocalist, Guitarist, Bassist, Pianist & Drummer and my sister Inah Yuson is a Vocalist, Guitarist & Violinist. With the 3 Yuson’s Talent and Passion for Music, I came up with an idea, to make a Band involving the Three of Us and I named it ARANAR. The History of the name ARANAR is just the 1st syllables of our real names put together in the order of our age.

                We have our Sibling Rivalry but in a good way because that always brings out the best in us… Me & my brother collaborated in creating my 3 albums which totaled 30 songs. I could never be thankful to God for giving me my Two Extraordinary Siblings because when we are doing something together, we are just unstoppable in giving amazement to everyone and that is what ARANAR is all about…

- The Thoughtful Son

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